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World Wide

To the currency used not only in Asia and Europe but around the world. I am designed to make it popular and versatile as it is tied to work.

Eliminate old resume

Resume has not evolved at all. It is the extent that handwriting is printed. Our service is based on quantitative data, further interactive operation is possible.

Not a buzzword

Technology is a means to achieve the purpose. Fintech, blockchains, IoT etc were also able to make innovative service by properly combining it by seeing the essence of technology.

Metamo Sphere Board
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Whitepaper contains ideas, ideas, market backgrounds, business explanation, costs, ICO rules, etc.
For the safety, Whitepaper obtain the original from
It is recommended not to pass Copy to Whitepaper to family members, friends, or any other person making decisions.
If you receive copies, please download the original from and read.

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Core members Japanese corporation

Yuta Sato

Software Engineer, JAXA
Founder & CEO, The A.I. Company Quelon Inc.
Publication unit in Japan, GPSG.

Maina Sato

Chief Designer, Branding Engineer Inc.
Graphical Designer, Yahoo Japan Corporation

Hiroki Saito

Banker, Tochigi Bank, Ltd.
Co-founder, The A.I. Company Quelon Inc.
Strategist, astamuse company, Ltd.

Susumu Kaji
Outside Director

Director, Hitachi Engineering Co., Ltd.
Director, Hitachi ICC Co., Ltd.

Morimi Kuroda
Outside Director

Software Engineer, Hitachi Engineering Co., Ltd.
Deputy Minister, Japan Association for Financial Planners

Japan corporate website

Please make decisions join to ICO based on Whitepaper and Term.
Japan corporate website